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Pupcakes Recipe Book

& Menu

Pupcakes Bakery invites everyone to celebrate their four legged friend’s birthday. The bakery provides treats for all dogs and even their owners. How to Treat Your Pup is the perfect recipe book to follow along and make your dog’s birthday special. Menus are available as well. I had a lot of fun designing this because I was able to incorporate my line drawings, adding a personal element to something that means a lot to me.

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Pupcake Recipes

The recipes provided in How to Treat your Pup are easy, fun, and yummy for your four legged friend. It’s important to keep your dog’s healthy and happy, which is why on each spread there’s a health fact that goes along with that particular treat. 

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Pupcake Goodies

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The bakery provides customers with different goodies for their four legged friend. There’s plenty of dog toys, food and water bowls, along with dog leashes and matching collars. 


There are four menus in total at Pupcake Bakery. There’s a drink and treat menu for the owners and then a regular treat option for the dogs. If you’re celebrating your pup’s birthday, there’s a special menu option for that as well. 

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