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Alter Ego

Alter Ego is targeted to young adults who are interested in raves, music festivals, and anyone who wants to sparkle on a regular basis. This product is a healthier and safer way to get the same high any drug could give you. In order to activate the drug, you have to download the Alter Ego app that I created. There are three levels, the higher the level the higher you get. The drug will allow your alter ego to shine though with a confident, sexy, and bold personality. The packaging includes both an information card and a festival flyer with upcoming events. 


I was fortunate enough to direct the photoshoot the way I envisioned it. I gathered a few girls that I knew would be the perfect fit for Alter Ego.

Models: Olivia Ruffin, Eryn Gruttadauria  

Photographer: Allison Revelle 

big mockup.png

How to Activate Alter Ego

The Alter Ego App is the only way you can activate the lotion. First you will sign up, scan your product, then you will see six different icons, all of which lead to a different page. There’s an information page explaining how to unlock each level, giving all the details about the lotion. The Levels page, where you will start your journey. There’s a page for upcoming festivals including the location and date of the event. A social media page that features the Alter Ego Instagram where you can tag your pictures. The Alter Ego Lotion page where you can view all products and have the option to purchase them. Lastly, the Shopping Cart page where you can check out your items. 

Icon Page.png

Alter Ego Packaging

Inside of the Alter Ego package contains an information card, explaining how the lotion works and how to activate the product. A flyer, listing all the different festivals coming up with dates and locations. Three bottles of lotion representing the three main levels purple, blue, and silver. There’s also a limited edition package that is featured, which would all be packaged the same as the bottles.  

Final Flyer.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.51.56 PM.png

Limited Edition

The limited edition includes a makeup bag, makeup brushes, perfume, nail polish, and lastly the last level Alter Ego provides. All products allow the costumer to feel look and feel good. 

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