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While interning for GLOW I had the opportunity to work on a few different projects within the Spotify account. I created for Lindsay Ell's latest album called "heart theory", I created GIPHY stickers to be used, and I was fortunate enough to work on the Weekly Top Charts for all of Spotify's social platforms.   

About the Album


Lindsay Ell is showing a new side of herself within her album, heart theory. Her fans are able to form a strong connection with both her and her lyrics, which was a very important factor when creating content for social media. This specific album was Ell's way of showing how to process grief and trauma. 


Lyric Cards

Lindsay's lyrics were authentic, vulnerable, and yet they were bold, strong, and inspiring. She's a songwriter that's able to take listeners on an emotional journey with her words. For this specific approach we wanted to bring attention to those lyrics and drive users to the album. 

In order to match the album cover we went ahead by using gradient colors and light leaks. 

Art Director: Natalie Dallenbach


Top Charts

Based on the template my Creative Director ​put together for Spotify's Weekly Charts I was able to take over when needed. 

IMG_6981 2.PNG

Debut  Charts

Spotify_Debuts#1_Nov20-22_IGS_Songs copy
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