The Race of Gentlemen is a three day event that takes takes place in New Jersey. Within the brochure I include the events & what to expect each day. I incorporated polaroids with pictures from the actual event throughout the brochure giving a personal element. In the beginning it shows a few friends having a beer & looking over these pictures. At the end it comes full circle with the drinks almost gone & a cigarette showing that time has gone by while they’ve been looking through all of polaroids from TROG.

polaroids together round2.png
first part.png

Why T.R.O.G?

TROG is a mix of motorcycle and hot rod racing, but with a twist. To qualify for the race, all cars and motorbikes must be pre -1950s, each with accurate parts and tires from that era. Within my design I wanted to keep the rough and vintage aesthetic that this particular event has.  

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Picture dropshadow.png
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final brochure mockup.png