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Realitea Vodka

Realitea is a vodka that will provide a good time but also a cure to help the costumer when reality hits the next morning. The overall design of this product plays off illusions inspired by M.C Escher. Being intoxicated brings the mind to a different place that people don't usually visit in their everyday lives. Once the excitement is over we're left with faded memories and a bad hangover. Realitea is packaged with a few herbal remedies to help the customer ease back into their reality.  

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The package design for Realitea is different compared to other vodkas that are available. Not only is it bringing attention to the world we tend to fade into when we get intoxicated but it’s also packaged with a little something that will help with your recovery. The tea will help you ease back into reality from having a little too much fun the night before.    

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Tea Bags

Each bottle of vodka comes with three packages of herbal tea. Every flavor of tea corresponds with the flavor of that particular vodka. 

Realitea Tea Bag packaging no background

If or when the costumer runs out of the herbal remedies that’s already packaged with the vodka, they can buy the tea separately. Realitea comes with 20 tea bags to help start your day without a headache.   

Ease Back into Reality

Lets Get Tipsy 

The second deliverable is a recipe book for different cocktails for people to enjoy. The book is meant to be super small (4x5in) to keep it fun and light hearted. In the very beginning you’re introduced to the world of illusions staying within the concept of how our minds become a little blurry when we start to drink. The overall design is focusing on the trippy aspect of when you’re intoxicated. As you look through you can see the treatment to either the type or the images are adjusted for that effect of being drunk. 

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