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Oh Honey

Oh Honey is an ad campaign that brings awareness to abusive relationships. Rather than focusing on the physical abuse that many women endure, Oh Honey brings attention to the manipulation that we tend to overlook when we’re blinded by love. In the beginning the woman thinks it’s all butterflies and rainbows when in reality she’s being fed lies. Her future self drops in little notes telling her what is wrong with her current relationship and what he’s doing to manipulate her.

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Social Media

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Oh Honey connects with many individuals when it comes to physical and psychological abuse. It’s important to stay connected with our target audience and advertise the campaign on all platforms. 

The Oh Honey Booklet

This booklet is targeted for those who like to physically have something in their hands. The Oh Honey booklet provides 5 warning signs that are critical to know when in an abusive relationship. This will give guidance to those who don’t necessarily want to reach out to friends, family, or a hotline.   

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Booklet Available Online

For easy access, the Oh Honey booklet is available to download online. It’s a fast and easy way to provide information for those who are interested. There is also Oh Honey merchandise to help as a subtle reminder. 

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