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How to Be Confident

Hey you all cool cats and kittens! I’m going to let you in on a few secrets on how to be confident & not give a fuck.

1. Don’t second guess yourself – * social media edition *

We are programed to worry about how other people view us. We care so much about what society has to say but in reality nobody gives a flying fuck what time of day you’re posting your selfie. Nobody cares what filter you use, nobody cares what your caption is, & nobody cares how many likes you get. I know a few of my friends are reading this right now & saying “Wow, Mikaela. I can’t believe you're ratting me out.” Sorry, but I’ve said it a million times that nobody pays attention to these things. I can promise you that there’s not one person going to bed tonight thinking “Damn, I can’t believe she posted two selfies within 24 hours.” All of this anxiety revolving around what other people think is exhausting. Post what you like the most!

2. Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. A lot of the time people are hesitant to do this because once again they’re scared of what other’s might think. My freshman year of college, a friend of mine was inspired to try lipstick for the first time. She was so afraid to actually go out in public, meanwhile she’s lookin’ like a smoke show. She explained to me that she was so self-conscious & worried that people might think she’s trying too hard. I asked her a few questions. “Do you like the color?” she nodded her head. “Do you think you look good?” she nodded her head again. “So why are you letting people you don’t even know scare you into thinking that you shouldn’t be rockin’ that red lip right now?” She simply didn’t have an answer because she knew I was right. She finally understood that she was making decisions based on what she thought society would say about her. When you find yourself in a situation like this you need to take a minute & think “Who actually cares?” Don’t be afraid of someone’s opinion. It will be the biggest waste of your time.

3. Wear whatever you want

The way we dress is an expression of who we are. Wear something that makes you feel good, don’t be afraid to be bold, don’t be afraid to dress differently than most of your friends. Do not dress for anyone but yourself. Do not let your partner tell you what you can & cannot wear. I know half of you are thinking about your boyfriend right now…about all of the times he told you to change before going out. Yeah, no thanks. Honey, you should be able to wear that dress that fits your body like a glove, you should be able to wear that top that you were so excited to wear. If your boyfriend can’t handle a bad bitch, then he shouldn’t date one(:

4. Be Independent

Independence means that you are not looking for any kind of validation from other people. It calls for making decisions on your own, putting yourself first, relying on you and only you. The second you put this into practice, you will feel like you’re on another level in life. Whether it’s on social media or in a real life situation, do not look for approval from your friends, family, or even your partner. Post whatever picture you want, your friends don’t have to approve every single one of your photos. Start going to places by yourself, nobody's going to think you’re a loser just because you don’t have a friend joined at your hip. Do not…I repeat…do not depend on other people to make you happy. Sure, you can be happy with another person & do fun things together, but you shouldn’t let their emotions, words, or actions turn your life upside down. Don’t let being independent scare you, it’s honestly one of the best feelings out there.

5. Be your own person

Finding who you are can take some time. It took me a while to realize the strong characteristics that I had - to then build on. I am unapologetically confident. I will be loud when I need to be. I will be 100% honest with you. I will stand up for my friends. I will put you in your place with no hesitation. But I will crumble if you tear me apart & point out my weaknesses. I will cry if you give me a long enough hug. I’ll get sad if I think about not finding my one and only. I will get quiet if someone asks me what my biggest fear is. Being confident means that you have to reach a level of comfort with who you are as an individual. Realizing the little things that bring you joy but also the things that make you vulnerable. You need to realize that it’s not about how others view you or what they think about you. It’s about how you view yourself as a person & how you carry yourself through life. Be proud to be different, be happy that you’re not like the other people in this world. Have the confidence to stand out.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to be an absolute badass. Thank you for teaching me to be strong and authentic.”

- R.S

“Mik helped me realize that I am too concerned about what other people might think of me. Sometimes you have to not give a damn.”


“Mik helped me realize I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want.”



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